Our company was born in 1974 as Manifattura Filpa, based on the experience of a young Paolo Padrini, our father. It was developed directly in the field of the production of chenille yarns.

The desire of creating something on his own and the very favourable times to economical and industrial development, help the little manufacture to grow. It becomes a point of reference for the producers of fabrics for the home furniture but also later for the producers of knitted and weaved fabrics of unusual and high quality. 

From the end of the ’80s and the beginning of the ’90s the fancy yarns of high quality start to be an important part of our production, always maintaining a very high quality level and above all produced in the area of Prato. During the years, when the  company has already achieved a good structure and popularity we, Paolo’s children named Barbara and Andrea, start to support our father managing the company and transforming it in 2012 in the present Filpa 1974.

All our customers both of weaving and knitting clothes use our yarns to produce the collections of the most important fashion houses. We have to be honest and confess that seeing our yarns parading on the most important catwalks all over the world, makes us very proud. Today as in the 1970s, we are a point of reference for many companies making of their originality their main brand….. Anyway we are not only original….. Our workmates know very well that we are trustable suppliers, both for the quality of our yarns and for the service. We are always ready to accept the challenges that this wonderful textile world offers above all in the periods of crisis.


We produce a large variety of yarns for weaving, knitwear and home furniture.

Thanks to the considerable investments made on innovation, we can now spin every kind of fiber, supplying a quick and flexible service in many yarns belonging to our collection. We constantly cooperate with our customers in the research of new qualities tailored on their fashion needs. According to market requirements we maintain very high quality standards. This can be achieved thanks to the skills and expertise of our internal team of qualified technicians and operators.