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Let's make yarns!

A fifty-year-long thread binds our family to the passion for yarns, first through our father, Paolo Padrini, founder of the Fil.Pa manufactory, then through us, Barbara and Andrea, his children, who still proudly carry on Fil.Pa 1974.

Creativity and Innovation

The will to creative something original and the positive economical development of the time made the little factory a real reference for textile manufacturing in Europe. Even later, it became an excellence in quality and mostly original manufacturing for fashion.

Our customers both from fashion textile and knitwear use our products to create their most important fashion collections and we must say that to see our yarns pass by the biggest fashion catwalks in the world, makes us particularly proud.


A story to be continued...

The young Paolo began with the production of chenille, a type in which we are still specialists today, but soon imagination took over, and from the mid-1980s more and more elaborate and original yarns began to come out of Fil.Pa manufactory. In the 1990s, quality fancy yarns became an important part of our productions, which were however always kept in Italy.

From the early 2000s, knitting yarns also became an integral part of our collections. We use natural but also synthetic fibres to always add a touch of originality to what we do.

Those who turn to us know that they will find something new in line with the most unconventional and certainly unusual trends, always crying out for creativity and innovation.

Today, as in the 70’s, we are the reference for many industries that make of originality their own brand.. But not only we are original. Whoever works with us knows that we are reliable suppliers, both for the quality of our yarns and the service we provide. We also are always ready to accept the challenges that this wonderful world of textile presents us, even and mostly in moments of crisis!